Cutting Room

Acoustic design by Thomas Jouanjean at Northward Acoustics, Brussels

In Wall ATC SCM50 ASL Monitoring w Dual Suspension S-Spec Tweeter

NEUMANN VMS70 Lathe modified by Flo Kaufmann

NEUMANN SX74 Cutterhead

NEUMANN SAL74 B Cutting Amps modified by Flo Kaufmann / Jvo Studer

FLoKaSon Pitch-18 Custom Pitch System

FloKaSon Remain Time Module

Crookwood C-1 Monitoring System

RTW 1064-X-Plus Metering System


Mastering Room

“Front to Back” Acoustic design by Thomas Jouanjean at Northward Acoustics, Brussels

In Wall ATC SCM 110 ASL Monitoring w/ Dual Suspension S-Spec Tweeter

In Wall ATC SCM0.1/15SL Stereo Custom 15” Subwoofers

Crane Song HEDD-192 A/D-DA

Crookwood ADC’s

Crookwood DAC’s

Crookwood C-1 Monitoring System

RTW 1064-X Plus Metering System


DAW Systems

Win10 Intel i7 8-Core DA-X Audio Workstation (Mastering Room)

Win 10 Intel i9 16-Core Audio Workstation (Disc Cutting)

RME HDSPe AES Audio interface

MAGIX Sequoia / Samplitude

SONY Soundforge Pro


Steinberg Wavelab

iZotope RX Pro

iZotope Ozone Advanced

WEISS Plugin Suite


UAD Duo DSP incl. Plugins

Plugin Alliance Plugin Suite


Outboard Processing

Manley Backbone Mastering Insert Switcher

Weiss EQ1 MK2 Digital Equalizer

Weiss DS1 MK3 Digital Compressor / Limiter / De-esser

Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ

Maselec MLA 4 Multiband Compressor / Expander

KNIF SOMA Mastering Equalizer

KNIF Vari Mu II Tube Compressor

Whitestone Audio P331 Tube Loading Amplifier

API 5500 Dual Equalizer

Pendulum PL-2 Analog Peak Limiter

Elysia Nvelope

Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV Passive Equalizer

Gyraf X Stereo Variable MU Compressor

Crane Song STC 8 Discrete Class A Compressor


Transcription & Phono-Playback

EMT 930 ST Turntable w EMT929 - EMT139 – EMT TSD15 SFL

EMT950 Turntable w EMT929, DENON DL103 Shibata (System restored by: H.M. Fabritius)

Technics SL 1200 w Shure M44G

Neumann VMS70 playback via SME 3012 Tone-Arm

AQvox Phono 2Ci MK2 Phono Pre Amp

EMO Systems Phone Pre Amp




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Administration / Studio Manager


Administration / Studio Manager

Mike Grinser

Mastering & Cutting Engineer
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Tim Xavier

Mastering & Cutting Engineer
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Kevin Tuffy

Mastering Engineer
MPG UK Mastering Engineer of the Year 2022
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